What is Gin? 3 Gin Brands You Must Try

Gin Tonic is a popular cocktail that you may well have tried before. But do you have any understanding of its base wine ‘Gin’? Gin has a diverse range of styles, showing intense yet refreshing aromas of botanicals and herbs. It can be used in cocktails or be enjoyed neat. Let’s get to know more famous Gin brands including Tanqueray, Monkey 47 and Hendrick’s!

What is Gin?

Gin is neutral distilled spirits made from wheat, barley or other natural ingredients. It is characterized by being predominantly flavoured by juniper berries and other botanicals, resulting in its floral and herbal aromas. Gin is one of the most popular spirits for the creation of cocktails such as Gin Tonic.

Gin Brands to Try:

1. Tanqueray

Scottish Gin Brand Tanqueray’s recipe has been using the same combination of  Tanqueray botanicals discovered by Charles Tanqueray since 1830. Tanqueray is made with four botanicals including juniper, coriander, angelica and liquorice which is a blend of the purest triple-distilled spirit. It is a favourite with celebrities, which is even said has been American Legend singer Frank Sinatra’s preferred gin. It even has been ranked best-selling spirit in a pool by “The World’s 50 Best Bars” in 2016.

2. Brighton

Brighton Gin is a certified 100% vegan British craft Gin. It is distilled with juniper, fresh orange, lime peel, locally-grown coriander seed and milk thistle. Hand-made by the seaside, the final result is super smooth, gentle and approachable. Brighton Gin has been acknowledged in the UK and International wine awards including the 2020 World Gin Awards Silver winner. If you would like to have a try, you may follow the official guideline -drinking it with ice and a twist of orange!

3. Monkey 47

Monkey 47 is a world-famous Gin Brand from Germany. The gin is made with 47 unusual but regional botanicals found in Northern Black Forest where the distillery is located. Blended with natural and softest local spring water, making it extraordinarily aromatic and tasty, including fresh grassy citrus notes and botanical sweetness. In 2011, Monkey 47 even won the Gold for best in class for the Gin Worldwide at the International Wine and Spirits Competition London!